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Primercato Network Services

Paid Proxy Server Subscription

Primercato offers a subscription to an international network of anonymous HTTP paid proxy servers based on the popular Squid system for Firefox, Explorer, Safari and Nintendo, featuring:
Works with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS devices.
One-click selection
Select and remove proxies with one click using our Firefox extension
Firewall Filter Bypass
The proxy servers fetch sites on your behalf, bypassing firewall filters. Proxy servers with ports 80 and 8080 are available.
High Anonymity
Your IP address is removed from the message headers and replaced with that of the proxy server, resulting in an anonymous proxy query.
Content Transparency
Often, script-based proxy services (such as Glype and CGIProxy) are unable to keep up with changes made to sites such as Facebook, Youtube, MySpace and Twitter; however, the Squid HTTP proxy servers work at a more fundamental level to provide transparent, anonymous access to these and other sites.
Nintendo Gaming
Bypass firewalls and filters for gaming devices including Nintendo. Access foreign Nintendo download and competition sites.
Dynamic International Addresses US UK
Use the proxy servers to access US and UK sites; compatible with the BBC iPlayer..
High Performance
Our paid proxy servers incorporate a network cache, which can greatly improve performance for popular sites - and unlike free servers, these paid proxy servers don't disappear.
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  • Automatic Firefox Setup
  • One-click proxy selection
  • One-click proxy clear

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