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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I configure Windows to use the PPTP VPN servers?
First set up the Windows VPN client.
  1. From the main screen, select Start->Connect To->Show All Connections.
  2. Select Create a new Connection from the left-side of the screen.
  3. Select Next to access the Network Connection Type screen.
  4. Select Connect to the network at my workplace and Next.
  5. Select Virtual Private Network connection and Next.
  6. Enter any name in the Company Name field (eg Primercato US VPN) and Next.
  7. Select Do not dial the initial connection and Next.
  8. Choose a server from the list below and enter it into the Host name field.
    	Choices are: or for a US-based server for a UK-based server
    and Next.
  9. Optionally select Add a shortcut to this connection and finish.
  10. Navigate to the Network Connections folder, right-click on the new
  11. connection and select Properties->Networking.
  12. Highlight Internet Protocol and click on Properties->Advanced.
  13. Check Use default gateway on remote network and click OK.

To connect to the VPN servers, click on Start->Connect to and select the
connection from the list. Enter your username and password.

To disconnect, find the network icon in the taskbar (usually near the clock),
click on it and select Disconnect.

How do I configure a Mac to use the PPTP VPN servers?
First set up the Mac VPN client.
  1. From the main screen, select Apple menu->System Preferences->Network.
  2. If the padlock icon is locked, click on it to allow changes.
  3. Click on the + icon.
  4. Select VPN from the Interface dropdown.
  5. Select PPTP from the VPN Type dropdown.
  6. Enter a name in the Service Name field (eg Primercato US VPN).
  7. Click Create.
  8. Choose a server from the list below and enter it into the Host name field.
            Choices are:
   for a US-based server
   for a UK-based server
  9. Enter your username in the Account Name field
  10. Select Maximum (128 bit only) from the Encryption dropdown.
  11. Click on Authentication Settings
  12. Enter your password and click OK
  13. Check Show VPN status in menu bar
  14. Click on Advanced...
  15. Check Send all traffic over VPN connection
  16. Click on OK
  17. Click Apply
  18. Locate the cogwheel icon and select 'Set Service Order...'
  19. Drag your new VPN service above any adaptors you plan on using for VPN access (eg Airport and USB Ethernet) and click OK
  20. For each of the adaptors in the previous step:
    	Highlight the adaptor in the left panel of the Network screen
    	Click on Advanced...
    	Click on Ethernet
    	Select Manually from the Configure dropdown
    	Select Custom from the MTU dropdown
    	Enter 1400 in the text box
    	Click OK
  21. Click Apply and exit out of the Network screen.

  22. A new icon (resembling a toaster) will have appeared in the menu bar. Mouse over this menu to connect and disconnect your VPN.
How do I use the proxy servers?
Your web browser needs to be configured to use the proxies.
  Firefox users should install the PriPac browser extension - please see
  the PriPac page for more details.

 If you prefer manual configuration, select:

                  Tools>Options>Network Connection Settings

  and enter the URL into the 'Automatic proxy configuration URL' field.

  In Internet Explorer, the field is located at 

                  Tools>Internet Options>Connections>LAN Settings

   Select 'Use automatic configuration script' and enter the URL into the adjacent box.

  In Safari:
  1. Choose Preferences and click on the Advanced tab.
  2. Click on the Change Settings button in the Proxies field
  3. The Network window will appear.
  4. Select Show and choose the appropriate network.
  5. Select Proxies
  6. In the Configure Proxies field, select Manually
  7. In the Select a proxy to configure field, check Automatic Proxy Configuration
  8. In the Proxy Configuration File URL field, enter the proxy URL.
  9. Click Apply Now
The URLs are the same for all the browsers - choose any one of:

         for a US proxy or
         for a UK proxy or

After restarting your browser, check your new IP address with our Who am I? tool.

For Nintendo users,  please refer to Nintendo's proxy configuration procedure.  Enter the appropriate Primercato proxy server name and port as follows:

	For a US proxy, enter port 80 or 8080.
	For a UK proxy, enter port 80 or 8080.

How do I remove automatic proxy configuration from my browser?
In Firefox, select 'No proxy' on the proxy configuration screen. 
In Internet Explorer, uncheck 'Use automatic configuration script'.
In Safari, return to step 8 of the configuration procedure and 
uncheck Automatic Proxy Configuration.

What ports do the proxies use?
The proxies listen on ports 80 and 8080. If your firewall only has port 80 open,
 use proxy80.pac as your configuration file; otherwise use either file.
Are any sites or ports blocked?
For VPN users, outgoing port 25 (SMTP) is blocked to prevent 
outgoing spam, which is a violation of our terms of service.

For proxy server users using the autoconfig (proxy.pac) files, the proxies are automatically bypassed for the addresses below (these are reserved for local usage per RFC1918):
How many sessions can I have?
You may have as many simultaneous proxy sessions as you like; VPN sessions are limited to one per user.
Are there any bandwidth limits?
There are no bandwidth or traffic limits.
I don't want to use proxy.pac, what are the proxy addresses?
Please see our Proxy List for a list of proxies available for direct usage.
We suggest that you use the FQDN rather than the IP address if possible;
that way, you will benefit if we have to cycle the underlying address.
Also please read our comments above on blocked sites.
How long is a monthly subscription?
A monthly subscription expires on the same date and time in the following month. 
If the date is not valid, the end of the month is used.
For example, a monthly subscription taken out on Jan 1st expires Feb 1st.
A subscription taken out on August 31th expires on September 30th.

Please contact for further assistance.