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Paid VPN Service

Our Paid VPN service features:
International locations
Works with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS devices.
Site unblocking and anonymous browsing
A VPN provides a new IP address for every application on your computer - not just your web browser. Applications such as Java players, games and every application have a new IP address.
Secure access over public WiFi nets
Many open WiFi networks are not encrypted; a secure VPN always provides encryption and protection against monitoring
Access to Skype from Dubai
Applications such as Skype cannot be blocked when using a VPN.
Watch US and UK web TV from anywhere
All web TV content will play from any location just as if you were a local resident.
Windows and Mac PPTN client compatible
Windows and Mac native clients work seamlessly without downloading any additional software
Monthly and annual subscription terms
Paid VPN service is available via PayPal. You are protected by PayPal's terms of service and secure transaction processing. Please note that PayPal subscriptions renew automatically and are managed via PayPal's website.

Paid VPN Service

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Monthly $8.00
Annual $72.00

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